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A story on SKC School


SKC is located in Vasai, Maharashtra on the the frontier between rural and urban where the urban sprawl of Mumbai gives way to the pastoral hinterland. The school is located in a back section of Vasai, near a bus stop aptly named “Last Stop”. SKC, much like the rest of Vasai is made up of a confluence of many forces that effect the students every day. The school has an expensive apartment complex being built in front of it, and a slum behind. The students come from all socioeconomic strata, and are a mix of caste and creed.


The Challenge

The students of SKC were talented and determined, but their success was hampered by the schools ineffective teachers and intrusive administration. The school had all the necessary ingredients for success: the students were motivated; the teachers, though heretofore ineffective, were capable; and the school had adopted a progressive and comprehensive set of textbooks. What the school needed was something that could maximize the strengths of the school, bringing them together to work as a force multiplier, using the coordinated strengths to bridge the gaps.

IMG-20141112-00978 (1)Zaya’s Intervention

We focused on using the station rotation model of blended learning to help the students succeed in their studies. Zaya was integrated into every math and science class the 3rd, 4th, and 5th standard students took. Their lessons from their teacher were reinforced and assessed every day by the Zaya platform. The students used the Zaya platform to reinforce their studies, and the teachers used the analytics to judge the progress of the students and adjust their lessons accordingly.


The students, in addition to finding new enthusiasm for their studies, have improved their skills across the board. Students who before sat staring out the window, are now engaged in learning and excited for class everyday. Even absentee rate for the classes has seen a drop, no student wants to miss using the tablets. Before the Zaya intervention, the students were taught through rote and harsh discipline. The Zaya platform helped them learn in a far friendlier and more learning focused way. The students no longer felt pressured, stressed nor feared their lessons, they now saw them as fun, enjoyable and interesting.

Technology Success

Due to the school’s location, the outskirts of Mumbai, the infrastructure of the school can be lacking. The school building itself lacks running water, and electricity is irregular and frequently cut. The Zaya ClassCloud is the perfect technology solution for such areas. It can work completely independently from both an internet connection and the power grid. The tablets can be charged when there is power, and operate on battery while in use. The ClassCloud itself can likewise work off the grid using battery power. The success of the intervention relied on the ability to overcome the infrastructural limitations, and Zaya was able succeed.IMG-20141112-00950

Looking further

Zaya learning labs has brought about a major change in the way students look at studies in SKC and many more schools around Mumbai and other metropolitan cities. By changing the outlook of students, Zaya reinforces it’s promise of improved learning outcomes and  brighter future for students and schools alike.

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