The Zaya kit helps me multitask my work in the classroom by allowing me to keep two groups of children busy working on their tablets while I can teach using the projector

- Neelu Mendu, Zaya Lab Teacher

Zaya Labkit : Blended Learning in a bagpack !


We provide schools with tablets of their choice. We partner with a large number of manufacturers who provide solutions appropriate to each individual school.


Zaya uses 3M’s high quality portable projectors, which run on battery power and are compatible with our tablets and any laptop. This gives teachers flexibility to run a blended learning class anywhere in the school 

Digital Content

We have digital content mapped to your local curriculum for all grades. This digital content is delivered as a personalized plan to teachers and students

Learning Platform

Our learning platform allows teachers to manage their classroom as well as create personalized learning plans for each student based on his or her skill level. This platform works both online and offline.


ClassCloud is our patented technology that brings the power of the Internet to your classroom. This WiFi router is easy to use, even for a non-tech savvy teacher and keeps a record of all student activity on the platform for reporting and analytics.


Our 21st-century digital curriculum for K-12 integrates the local state curriculum and technology program to develop an exhaustive program that focuses on teaching children conceptual understanding.

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