Transforming Education

Zaya Learning Labs is transforming the learning experience of students and educators across India by leveraging years of research and experience from pilot programs we conducted across the world. Currently we are working with teachers, school leaders, and students to bring the resources and infrastructure needed for blended learning to low-cost schools – beginning with School Wifi.

Our award-winning suite of instructional solutions engages, challenges, and supports students at every level of academic achievement.

The Power of Zaya

Zaya Learning Labs implements programs and products catered towards low-income schools and public schools around India.  Here are some of the benefits of implementing the Zaya model with our partners:

Technology Integration – Online components that provide students some control over the time, place, pace and path of their own learning

Pedagogy – Instruction through a blend of learning modalities, all matched both to academic objectives and to students’ individual learning paths and personal goals

Differentiation – Real time data, leveled practice problems, and other teaching tools that allow teachers to ensure that each student is getting instruction at his or her level