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English Duniya – Hybrid gamification in Ionic and Phaser

( This blog post has been written by Gopal Ojha, UI andUX Lead at Zaya Learning Labs )

Hybrid apps are quite popular nowadays, especially when major Companies like Uber, Facebook etc. launched their app build in hybrid platform. I’ll not get into the details of how we built it, because it basically means talking about Angular, Ionic and Phaser. I am going to talk about why we chose hybrid platform over native for English Duniya app.

Why hybrid

For you, as a company/individual you might have different argument for what to choose. Some of you might say Native is faster than hybrid. Its easier to debug in native. But, I would recommend, when you’re building a product, think about the user first. The user is not aware of the underlying technology. For them the only thing that matters, is how useful the app is. So, if you have to test out an idea fast, go and build the product with any technology you are comfortable in. I would explain this below.

Proof of concept :

One of the strongest reason why we chose hybrid over native to build ED, was that, we didn’t know whether ED was going to be accepted by audience we are targeting. We didn’t know whether there exists a market for it. Do people want to learn English from an mobile app? How reliable an app is over traditional method of learning? All these question can only be answered if we build an app and put it out there.

We are JS developers :

We had an JS team who worked on making our B2B product. So, it was a no brainer to go along with the hybrid route, rather than spending a month to learn newer technology. Recently we went to a Mumbai tech meetup, to give a talk on that. We described it in details there.


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