How a 7 year old gave up Candy Crush for English Duniya

Rajkumar Rajule, 39, is an employee at a government bank in Kalyan. He has two little kids. One is 4 years old and other is 7 years old Ganesh is a big fan of candy crush. Rajkumar has a Micromax 5” canvas phone and loves watching movies, playing games and spending time on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Rajkumar however has studied in a Marathi medium school in Latur. He understands the importance of English education and the opportunities it creates. He also understands how the mobile phone is bringing about a silent revolution in education and how people are learning online. He’s also witness to endless requests from his kids who love to spend time playing games endlessly such as candy crush. He realises that education through the mobile phone with the engaging interface is the way forward. In his interaction with few friends and subsequent research online, he comes across this app called English Duniya. Now Ganesh learns a new word everyday through English Duniya and spends less time on Candy Crush.


English Duniya is an app for kids in the age group of 4-6 which enables Hindi speaking users to learn English. It begins with a diagnosis test that understands the current skill level of the child and accordingly creates a list of lessons in 4 different skill areas like Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary. The list is based on a learning map. Within each lesson for that skill level, the child gets a Video lesson, a practice test and a quiz. Once he clears the minimum level in the quiz, he moves to the next lesson.

Coupled with high quality content, the app’s main differentiation is its ability to constantly learn about the child and based on his progress, adapt the lesson structure. The mechanics are based on his actual progress scores through quizzes etc and also on how he interacts with the content.


The apps theme is based on “Exploring” a world of English. The child traverses through different regions while exploring different skill levels in English. En route, he comes across interesting challenges that engages him with the content.

As a father, Rajkumar Rajule is thrilled to see visible streaks of improvement in his child’s learning. Also the shift from traditional games to tools where the eventual outcome is learning is a welcome change.

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