Implementation Support and Consulting Services

We provide implementation support and consulting to schools

Implementation Support

Zaya’s team of School Implementation Managers and Customer Support Engineers work to support implementation of the Zaya blended learning model in each school. Our ultimate goal is to empower your existing staff to run the program for years to come.

Blended Learning Consulting

Our team of experts can design a custom technology, curriculum, and training solution for your school based on your goals, infrastructure, and budget. Zaya helps schools plan for every part of the transformation, from timetables to tablets.

Blended Learning Design

Every school is different. At Zaya, we use our existing toolkit and experience to design a blended learning plan for each school. This includes planning for technology integration, blended curriculum integration, timetabling, professional development, and parent engagement.

Teacher and Teaching Assistant Training

Zaya offers a full progression of teacher training for blended learning, including more traditional topics like classroom management and lesson planning. We also recruit and train teaching assistants to work alongside teachers in Zaya classrooms.

School Implementation Managers

Every Zaya school is overseen by a School Implementation Manager (SIM) who visits the school regularly (2-4 times per month). This person is an expert on Zaya’s blended learning model and helps the school troubleshoot all issues. The SIM also works with teachers to maximize the benefits of the program in their classrooms.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Engineers are on-call to answer your questions on Zaya’s hardware, software, and content. We work to resolve issues as quickly as possible so you can focus on student learning.


Our team of education experts can help you design and oversee a blended learning program for your school