Personalised Learning Program


The issue

Classrooms in India today have an extremely high teacher to student ratio, sometimes ranging as high as 65:1. In this scenario teachers act more as facilitators and cannot provide the much-needed individual attention to students. For K-5 students who are building foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, such attention is critical to ensure that they develop a strong grounding to be able to perform at the next stage. The ASER study which highlights the inability of almost 40% of students in Std V to read a Std II or III textbook is a stark reminder of how far behind our students lag.

Personalised learning solutions can help tackle the issue by allowing students to learn at their own pace, in their own way, with the help of a teacher. By receiving an education that is personalised to their needs and abilities, children can grasp ideas at their own pace, challenging those ahead and bringing those behind up to speed.

What is Zaya doing to address this? 

We believe that a teacher knows best and want to support them in order to make their teaching methods more effective. As current methods of schooling do not address the disparity within the classroom, we aim to provide teachers with self-paced interactive learning tools for their students. An added issue for low-income schools is the lack of infrastructure needed to support such solutions, since internet connectivity for schools is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.  

Zaya uses a personalised learning platform, the ClassCloud, to help teachers implement personalised learning in their classrooms. The device allows students to learn at their own pace, without the need for an internet connection. Developed by education specialists and researchers, the platform is designed by those who understand the unique issues within the Indian education system. 

With the ClassCloud, students can watch videos and do practice tests while earning points and badges along the way – making learning fun and interactive. Teachers can also use the device to plan their lessons and review a student’s performance. The ClassCloud’s extensive reporting features also allows teachers to monitor an individual student’s progress and see how their class is faring as a whole.

How will it help teachers? 

The platform enables a balanced self-paced learning environment with resources and curriculum designed to allow a granular level of progression.

Teachers will be able to understand the level and pace at which their students are learning and direct their attention accordingly. Since the platform is digital, detailed reports will give teachers a clear idea of classroom progress without them having to spend hours compiling data – freeing up more time for teachers to do what they do best: teach.

How are we doing it differently?

  • Provide teachers with the tools and content to create plans for students (for example: weekly playlists of videos and lesson plans matched to school curriculum)
  • Support for teachers to facilitate the blended learning process while the system collects data
  • Created cost-effectively with low-income schools in mind (can be used with solar power, does not require an internet connection)
  • Provide teachers with implementation support (training, workshops and troubleshooting support)
  • We work with teachers for a year to ensure they are comfortable with the new technology
  • Customised classroom design and seating arrangement to ensure maximum learning

Where are we now?

A study conducted by Gray Matters India to measure the impact of the personalised learning platform on students revealed that students improved by an average of 20% in English and 8% in Maths in one year alone. 

The personalised learning programme has been implemented for over 5 years. Currently Zaya is implementing the programme in 32 schools across India including places such as Lucknow, Uttarakhand, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Long-term Impact

With the platform we aim to support teachers to keep their students engaged in school and learning at their own pace. Resulting in enthusiastic teachers, engaged students and improved learning outcomes.

Learn more about the ClassCloud device and what it can do. 

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