Learning Platform

The Zaya Team manages deployment of fully-integrated, field-tested Learning Labs in your school. in a seamless transition to the new, open, and inviting classroom environment. To learn how you can establish your Zaya Lab or to visit an Lab In Action, contact us at info@teachaclass.org
Setting up a Zaya Lab in your school
In launching your Zaya Lab, Zaya will:
– Fully Align all content to National Standards
– Purchase all necessary software licenses and instructional materials
– Provide on-going Professional Development for all Teaching Staff
– Implement student performance assessments as per the school calendar
– Provide the capital investment to purchase the furniture, carpeting, and technology to establish the right learning environment for Academy operations
– Purchase the furniture, carpeting, and technology to establish the right learning environment for Labs operations
– Define and manage the day-to-day academic workflow
– Provide a School Implementation Manager to lead parent engagement efforts by coaching your teachers.
– Provide a Teaching Assistant/ Lab in-charge to run the programs without any intervention from the school teachers.
Post-launch, Zaya provides academic oversight, ongoing professional development and all IT support services.

Untitled-1A low cost, high impact learning space that can transform your students’ learning outcomes
A Zaya lab provides Math and Literacy programs at an affordable cost both for in-school and after-school settings.

Diagnosis Assessments

Each student takes a diagnosis assessment that tells you which skills and concepts he/she needs to develop to come up to grade level. We will conduct this assessment 3 times each school year (mid-year and end of year) so that you can track the progress of every student enrolled in our lab.

Personalized Learning Plan

After the diagnosis, we help you create a personalized learning plan for every student. This plan is a combination of digital content, books, and micro-assessments targeted at developing the particular skills the student is struggling with.


Untitled-1Zaya Learning Model
Each student learns in three different modes: 1-1 with tablets, 1-many with a teacher and projector, and peer learning.


Peer Learning

Students are grouped in pairs to work on problems or revise a lesson together. This is done with either worksheets or tablets. Peer learning reinforces concepts and also facilitates students’ personal development.


Individual Learning

During this phase, students spend a significant time with a tablet. They put on their earphones and can watch a specific video lesson or work through practice questions. This allows students to work at their own pace and level based on their personal plan.


Group Instructions

In this mode, the teacher either uses traditional methods or a projector and digital content to explain a concept. The teacher works with a small group of students who are not engaged in peer or individual learning modes.

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