Oi (Hi!) from WYSA Brazil

 11425724_1031055260246724_8005300464398621960_oFrom June 15-17th, São Paulo, Brazil hosted the 7th World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) winners’ festival. Some of the world’s best social acti-preneurs had the opportunity to learn, network and inspire the audience. During the event, the winning teams of WSYA 2014/15 met with their peers, gathered valuable contacts and built long-lasting friendships.

The event featured world-class keynote speeches, hands-on workshops and engaging panel discussions about social entrepreneurship and the content industry. Among the attendees were leaders of ICT business and governments, high level UN officials, as well as other leading persons from the creative sector, civil society and NGOs.

Rahul D’Souza, Sr. Software Engineer, represented Zaya at WSYA. He was shortlisted for a Youth Award, which meant pitching our product in field of social entrepreneurship and digital creativity. Rahul gave a presentation, received an award and participated in a couple of panel discussions. Since it was Rahul’s first trip off Indian subcontinent, we were keen to know his experience.

Rahul reported that “Zaya’s product created a lot of interest among people and was immediately followed up with questions. People were amazed with how small the box was, for the amount of tasks it was doing.” Rahul also commented, “One person having worked with One Laptop per Child (OLPC) in Paraguay had faced connectivity issues that we have solved. It was an overwhelming feeling to be representing India among participants from all over the globe.”

Rahul was questioned by Mr. Fernando Grisi, Conaje Brazil; he was keen to know if the content (videos) were made in-house by Zaya. Rahul explained about our content, talking about our partners who make these videos for us. Ms. Effat El Shooky from Women Business Development Center, Egypt was curious to know if the provided content was free of cost. Rahul explained that the content would be included in the cost as per the package the school purchases.

Do we add the content?Mr. Carlos Abler, Content Marketing Specialist 3M, USA, wanted to know. Rahul disclosed about our software, which is used to curate content. Education in India, is influenced by language barriers, hence people were keen to know if the application is language specific, to which Rahul explained the flexibility to add content of any language.

Ms. Sallyann Della Casa, Growing Leaders Foundation, UAE was very much inspired by our unique concept and further wanted to know, “How and who validates that there has been an improvement in the child’s outcomes?” Rahul spoke about our analytics platform which helps teachers to know details about the improvement based upon the regular assessments taken at the schools.

In addition to the event, Rahul told us a little about the street food he sampled, which got stuck in his head (Prawn and Lobster Moqueca and Hot dog). He also mentioned about the very helpful people around, the beaches and the Indian ‘nodding’ phenomena (Indians do tend to nod a lot :)) which generated quite a stir among the Brazilians. He managed to conclude his memorable trip with a selfie among his new friends. (Did you spot him? He’s in blue, behind the checked shirt.)



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