Personalised Learning with the ClassCloud



What is the ClassCloud?

The ClassCloud is an easy to use, plug-n-play, portable, classroom-specific wireless device with a learning platform designed to store, access, and deploy curriculum and content in classrooms with limited or no internet connectivity.

Each of Zaya’s ClassCloud installations enables 200 or more students to study on as few as 20 tablets using a rotation method. This makes the box, one of the most affordable blended learning solutions available globally. We provide a simple yet powerful product that solves the problem of poor internet infrastructure while delivering high quality personalised content to classrooms.

The ClassCloud created quite a stir at the World Youth Summit Awards (WYSA) 2015, due to the uniqueness of the box. “People were amazed with how small the box was, for the amount of tasks it was doing.”




Why is the ClassCloud useful?

  • Equipped with intelligent analytics engine it enables teachers and students to get feedback on their performance
  • Built in wireless to support 20 simultaneous users and devices
  • We provide nonstop access to content by providing a local storage of 500GB, this allows students to access content even if internet is not available
  • Seamless backup and integration with online cloud storage (when connected to the internet)
  • For areas with electricity issues, the device has a battery backup of 4 hours and can also run on solar power
  • Regular updates to new content by syncing to the online cloud repository

Can be used by a teachers, educators or parents to improve learning outcomes:

  • Works without an internet connection
  • Easy integration of our content with school curriculum
  • Personalised curriculum for students
  • Integrate games, videos and books into your lesson plans
  • Easy-to-design practice tests and quizzes
  • Track student analytics and view recommended courses

The ClassCloud can enable e-learning to billions of the disconnected students worldwide, without the need for broadband connectivity. It helps take education technology to the next level, by revamping the methodology for student-centered learning. Lessons consist of interactive tools that make learning fun for kids and result in higher efficacy.

For additional details on Zaya’s ClassCloud, please find attached the full product specs sheet.


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