SchoolWiFi – India’s First Content Network For Schools

Content Delivery Network - SchoolWifi

Google and Amazon are and use some of the world’s largest Content Delivery Network’s (CDN’s) at the moment. The large volume of videos on Youtube and Netflix we watch today does not sit in one single location but is distributed every day all over the world and stored either with local operators or company-owned servers so that people can have a more cost-effective way of watching their favorite content.

Zaya is doing something different and yet similar on an architectural level. It’s building a CDN exclusively for education.


School WiFi, is an absolutely brilliant innovation by us.  It takes the best of internet infrastructure concepts, the simplicity of product design and repository of content and makes a portable CDN node exclusively for a classroom.

Like a Netflix, for education. It takes all the open source education content that is available online and puts it all together in one place, OFFLINE. And it comes with it own Wireless device if you don’t have good internet to access it online.

You can save on expensive internet costs because all the content is offline!

It’s dynamic! You can keep adding/updating it with new content.

It gives you analytics of how much time is being spent watching/reading what content.

It’s also safe! Everything is offline so students don’t have access to the internet during school hours. They can only browse educational content.

It’s this simple! This box creates a hotspot in a classroom that allows multiple WiFi-enabled devices to connect to its education-only internet.

It acts as a wifi router but limits student access to only curated educational content. (unless a teacher wants otherwise)

It’s a simple, portable box that contains over 50000 hours of curated content from Grade 1 to Grade 10. Pratham’s StoryWeaver has over 3000 books for students in various local languages. Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia is now curated especially for schools with 5000+ articles.
Around next year, Zaya plans to add 10+ apps to help teachers with attendance and parent communication. All of this and more will be available offline!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.23.53 AM


This what the SchoolWiFi dashboard looks like. The Netflix for education!
If you are a content provider, join us in creating the world’s largest CDN for education.
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