Teaching Assistant Manju and Her Experience of Using Zaya

In our earlier post, we introduced you to our TA Manju and discussed her commendable career development at Zaya Learning Labs. In this post, we take you a step further and tell you more about the experiences of Manju with students, parents and teachers.

Our TA Manju has been part of this process, working to incorporate blended learning in Holy Star school, located in the Malwani slum area of Mumbai. Samreen, the school teacher was very keen for enabling tech-based learning in their school.  “Teachers seem impressed by a pedagogy aimed at student-centered, skill-based learning.”

Manju revealed about her interactions with parents, she says, “Nowadays, they are keen to know the homework given to their kids by Zaya, however it was not always the same.” When explaining the reason why she gives students homework in the form of activities, she tells parents that it is more acceptable for the children. This is because the work feels like games to them and hence they enjoy doing the task as opposed to the homework which they already receive.

However, not surprisingly, it has been the students who have adapted the fastest. Manju shared that the kids are more open to learning on devices, which previously were used only for playing.

“The classes have been designed in a way to make sure the students feel free to approach teachers, like an interactive session.”

Manju has worked with students to understand how to maintain discipline in a blended environment; they know how much to talk and where to draw the line. Manju says, “I have been taught at Zaya training to discuss with kids about their day.” She adds that when she uses this sort of open communication, they are more receptive and are energized for
further learning.

Thus through Manju, we are working to evolutionize the face of education in India – an evolution to empower children globally to be independent and more educated. We continue assisting such communities by giving them the tools to design their own destiny. Looking for an opportunity to join hands with us or take up a role? Why not have a look on website? We are forever looking for gems to join our organization :)


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