Tech Leap for Rural Schools in India

posterZaya Learning Labs proudly brings to you an event to celebrate the Tech Leap for rural schools in India. The event is being organized by Zaya in collaboration with All India Don Bosco Education Society (AIDBES), held on 4th and 5th September at Don Bosco Provincial House, Delhi. Please find attached the poster for the event.

Technology is changing the world today. Over the next 10 years every single person will grow up with a mobile phone and have access to lot of information. In such times it is important to bridge the digital divide, such that schools both in rural and nonrural locations have access to identical resources.

Zaya is an educator and thought leader in education technology, that has transformed the education industry in India by it’s innovative learning solutions. In order to bring about further reformations in the edtech industry in India, Zaya is putting together this two-day event.  

The aim of this event is to give every stakeholder, be it a principal, teacher or educator who attend, a takeaway; a concrete plan about how they could incorporate or transform their school, using technology into a new-generation learning institution.

The event will entail series of lab sessions, panel discussions and keynote speeches by distinguished people who have been in Ed-Tech sector for over 10 years. It will enumerate some examples of technology being successfully implemented to further learning outcomes of children.

Topics discussed will help educators, take decisions regarding using technology. In addition:  

  • Help them design vision for their schools using technology
  • Talk about the different technologies being used
  • Discuss resources and tools being used around the country
  • Learn about future of technology in Catholic schools
  • Discuss opportunities regarding supporting their school as a leader.

It is a comprehensive hand-holding session to equip the educators in everything they need to know while adopting technology, to transform their classes into 21st century classrooms.

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