Learning about Ambiguity

EDDzEYSBhavtosh Vajpayee our very special guest and investor, had a meeting with fellow Zayans at our office in Mahim. He spoke about the two core values of Zaya as explained below.


The employees of Zaya say that “it was an inspiring talk which was not limited to only Zaya, but touched a very important aspect of life – Ambiguity.” Humans have never been comfortable with the unknown’. We are wired in such a way where we view the ‘unknown’ or ‘ambiguous’ as danger.

Something that we don’t understand is not our friend. We are great supporters of planning, and take comfort in knowing what we are going to do next. But seldom life gives us what we want or what we planned. What happens when our plans  don’t want or we don’t know what to do? This according to Vajpayee, is the moment when breakthroughs happen and greatness is achieved.

We have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. We need to understand that it is okay to make mistakes, and it will be okay when your plans don’t work out. Trial error is only a natural process and it means that you are succeeding.  Faith gets shaken when we look for perfection. But we have to remember that perfection is only imaginary and perfections are also flawed.

“When working for startups like Zaya, one needs to have tremendous amount of faith in what they do and the end mission. Don’t work for Zaya if you are looking for a straight jacket job or for just another recommendation. Work for Zaya if you believe in the idea of educating each and every child.

At Zaya we believe that each and every child is entitled to quality education. You need to get use to the transient nature of things. Your job won’t be limited to a job description. On some days you might have to take up more responsibilities, there would be days where you would leave office not knowing what you learned. But the most important thing is knowing that you are moving towards your goal. It’s important keep faith alive.”

“Be like the inquisitive child“

– Bhavtosh Vajyapee

Trial and Error

Bhavtosh realizes that “Zaya like many other startups, learns from trial and error. There is no definite answer, but as employees we have to keep trying different options and theories when we reach a new bottleneck in our role. And we must get used to the challenge and accept it rather than running away from the ‘Unknown’”.

He also correctly stated “The problem Zaya faces is not 1 dimensional. But 3 dimensional, hardware, software and content” It means as employees we have a number of issues to cope with. As per Bhavtosh  ”we should get used to ambiguity, not having answers and not knowing if the direction is right or wrong”. He further adds the importance of changing directions, when we hit a road block.

We at Zaya realize the grave realities of Edtech Industry (in India) and conflicts that arise while we try to make every child learn. Being aware of the ramifications and technicalities of the role help us be better equipped for the solutions we might need to come up with. It is definitely about “thinking on our feet”. A tough role, when two days are never the same, but it was never supposed to be easy, as explained by Bhavtosh, “if it was easy, everyone would have successfully done it!” Fortunately for the Zayans, we all are motivated individuals, with a common vision working as a team to support a very social cause of educating every child and bettering their learning outcomes. So far, our hard work continues paying off!

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