Blended Learning for Students with Hearing Impairment

V-shesh and Zaya collaborate to bring online learning to students with hearing impairment


Celebrating Partner Success 
At Zaya, we’re passionate about our partner’s success. Today we bring you a story from our partner in success V-shesh. Radhika, at V-shesh, tells us about the problem space they work in, “Usually in our society hearing impaired or deaf individuals tend to get linguistically excluded from an early stage. While there are some organizations doing exceptional work with deaf children, a large majority of them remain ill-served due to challenges around infrastructure, limited number of teachers, learning materials”

V-shesh, works hard to overcome challenges in learning faced by students with disabilities. They’ve discovered early on, that students and job seekers respond very well to learning with technology.

Enter V-shesh
V-shesh, founded by P Rajasekharan (Raja) and Shashaank Awasthi in 2009, is a unique organization that caters to hearing impaired school children as well as job seekers looking for high quality employment opportunities. V-shesh provides services to People with Disabilities (PwD) in 3 areas:

  1. Education services – to schools for deaf children in teaching English language and computer skills.
  2. Employment services – training and jobs for job seekers with disabilities.
  3. Disability inclusion services – ranging from inclusion assessment and access audits to awareness and sensitization sessions as well as financial inclusion of PwD from low income communities.

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Partner Speak 
Cofounder at V-shesh P Rajasekharan says –

“Zaya enables V-shesh to achieve efficient learning through its innovative platform and technology. Zaya’s platform is simple to use. It’s architecture enables easy and quick access to schools in remote and urban locations. They have made some incredible progress in their outreach to schools across India and feedback shows that children have been excited about using their platform.”

Currently present in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, the company also works with schools in rural Tamil Nadu (Sivasailam) and Karnataka (Hubli). The company has already seen about 1200+ success stories in its employment services and about 750 students are currently enrolled in their English language program.

More power to your team V-shesh! Your success is Zaya’s success!

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