What Zaya can bring to your Schools

At  Zaya Learning Labs we believe in the power of personalized learning for students, because we’ve seen the ClassCloud deliver quality learning for over 30,000 students. We work everyday at building and delivering a better platform that supports our blended learning model for schools and after-school centers in India and across the world. Here are 5 benefits to partnering with us!

1. We understand because we’re always learning! Through our  relationships with schools, we understand your challenges and want to help. Our platform provides a unique opportunity for a technology-based learning solution that can work even with semi-skilled teachers to diagnose every child’s learning level and create a personal plans for individual students to learn.IMG_0410

2. Students first! Personalized learning allows students to drive their own learning, shifting education from a teacher-centric model to one that revolves around the students. Students are able to learn at their own pace and utilize resources online to reinforce concepts and learn real-world applicability, while teachers facilitate learning and provide one-on-one intervention where needed.IMG_0452

3. Make the platform work for you! As educators, you can add a host of amazing content available online to our platform, using our tool Curello. You can create courses from reading comprehension to geography and couple this with quizzes and practice tests. It’s a simple way to deliver learning resources to students any time.

4. English learning for new learners. Our research and work in developing our English Language Learner (ELL) Program shows that a blended learning approach is likely to help a child learn a second language 50% faster than traditional methods. 1:1 learning boosts retention, recall and comprehension. Zaya’s ELL program does just this.device_02

5. Proven track record. Our implementation and customer success team, works closely with schools and ensures that blended learning facilitated through Zaya’s ClassCloud and Personalized Learning Platform are delivered with best results for students and teachers.

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