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Zaya’s Blended Learning costs under $2/month

Zaya Learning Labs is transforming the learning experience of students and educators across India and beyond. Leveraging years of research and experience from pilot programs across the world, Zaya is working with teachers, school leaders, and students to bring the power of blended learning to low-cost schools. Zaya’s award-winning suite of instructional solutions engages, challenges, and supports students at every level of academic achievement.

At a cost of less than $2 per month/per child, Zaya helps schools save up-to $1200 per year on bandwidth and IT costs alone.

The ClassCloud is a technological innovation developed by Zaya CEO Neil D’souza, a former Cisco engineer. The ClassCloud is a portable, classroom specific wireless device designed to store, access, and deploy curriculum and content in classrooms with internet connectivity and intermittent or no connectivity at all.

The typical hurdles in implementing blended learning are connectivity issues, intermittent electricity, unmotivated teachers, and high-cost of Internet. Zaya’s ClassCloud provides a one-stop solution in the form of providing digital content to educational institutions where any or all of these undesirable conditions exist.

Zaya works by collaborating with schools and other educational institutionsㅡengaging with teachers and students to incorporate blended learning into the classroom. The ClassCloud delivers the digital content wirelessly to the students’ devices such as tablets, laptops, or computers. The easy “plug-and-play” installation helps teachers embrace the product as an enhancement to their job. The ClassCloud’s battery pack ensures that lessons can continue at times when electricity is not available.

Zaya helps schools incorporate blended learning by training them on in-class or lab rotation methods. The rotation model involves dividing classes into two to three groups that rotate between different stations. At each station, students focus on the same learning objective but approach it through different methodologies, such as technology, small group instruction, peer-based learning, or application activities. Field experience indicates that 200 students in a school can learn through technology weekly in this method through 20 tablets and one ClassCloud.

Once the technology is up and running, Zaya monitors usage and results through an embedded analytics engine. The analytics reports allow teachers to ensure that each student is getting instruction at his or her true level, without assuming their level based on age or grade.

Zaya’s ClassCloud products and services enable blended learning without the need for connectivity, opening up this type of learning to a mass market of students that are otherwise being left out of education technology altogether. The product also provides significant cost savings to schools by providing this learning experience at under $2 per student per month. For more information about Zaya’s  products or to connect, log on to http://zaya.in/.

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